The Lost Food Project

What is TLFP


The Lost Food Project operates as a not-for-profit NGO, established by PINK (Parents International Welfare Association of Kuala Lumpur) and as such relies on funding from donors as well as the support of volunteers to carry out this service.

The Lost Food Project has teamed up with MARDI & UN FAO MYSaveFood Initiative along with SWCorp to create a forward thinking network to tackle local issues on saving food and reducing waste. The Lost Food Project is also working in conjunction with the Ministry of Welfare to ensure many charities can benefit from the initiative, and the Department of Health has issued a letter of support for the project.

 Who We Are

The Lost Food Project team is made up of individuals from Malaysia and many other countries across the globe, bringing with them varied backgrounds to offer a trusted service that ensures food handling and storage upheld to industry standards, agreements drawn up indemnify all liability to ensure donors can give safely and in good faith. Importantly, a network of support is offered to charities with regard to food storage and safety, cooking and nutrition.