20/100 Challenge

The Twenty 100 Challenge (originally called 20/200 Campaign) is a one-day personal challenge – encouraging understanding, empathy and enhancing teamwork among all faiths and communities.

Fast for a day during daylight hours and donate your breakfast & lunch money to The Lost Food Project. All it takes is RM20 for us to provide 100 meals to those in need.

This initiative is a way for everyone to show empathy for the 820 million people in the world that exist somewhere between hunger and starvation. More than 1 in 10 children have less than three meals a day amongst Malaysia’s urban poor in low-cost flats.

If you’re already fasting during the month of Ramadan, help your colleagues who have never fasted before. Feel secure knowing your contribution directly assists those most in need. If you love food too much to give it up, you can still donate RM20 or more, so that at least 100 others can enjoy a meal too.

"Many of us are extremely lucky we don’t have to think where our next meal is coming from. But across the world 800 million people are fighting hunger. In Malaysia 21% of children below five have stunted growth and 14% are underweight because of malnutrition. It doesn’t have to be that way. Malaysia generates 3000 tonnes of edible food waste per day that is still fit for human consumption. That is enough to provide ten million meals a day!”
Suzanne Mooney
Founder, TLFP

Who took part?

The campaign has enjoyed participation from many organisations, schools and universities in Malaysia such as Shell, Mars Wrigley, Lendlease, Grimshaw Architects, BNP Paribas, Unilever, Garden International School, Alice Smith School, Mott MacDonald Group, the Robert Bird Group amongst others.

Organisations and schools received bespoke promotional material to promote amongst staff to encourage participation, and TLFP volunteers delivered a number of Lunch & Learn sessions with corporate partners.

If your organisation would like to partner TLFP in their next 20/100 Challenge please email us at tlfpcsr@gmail.com