With the cooperation and support of our partners, The Lost Food Project is able to rescue hundreds of thousands of tons of surplus food each year and give it to our charity partners and Malaysia’s urban poor families, who in turn use this food to provide nutritious meals for Malaysia’s most vulnerable people.

The Lost Food Project collects food that is in date and fit for purpose. This includes fruit, vegetables, meat, dry goods, baked goods, dairy products, drinks, condiments, canned food, eggs – pretty much anything.

To uphold food handling and safety standards we have agreements with our food donors to ensure we are collecting and redistributing donated items appropriately.

The reason some people are concerned about donating food is due to concerns about how the supply chain is managed before the food is delivered to charities. Our commitment to our food donors is you will be indemnified from any liability. You will be in great company, with major supermarkets in KL, along within companies including Unilever, DKSH, Proctor and Gamble and more who are committed to redirecting their lost food and other surplus goods away from landfill and into the hand of those who need it most.

Donate food and other surplus goods

If your organisation has surplus food or other products that you would like to give to TLFP we would love to hear from you: