TLFP is almost entirely operated by volunteers made up of a group of professional and dedicated individuals that we simply can’t do without.

Teachers, bankers, lawyers, CEOs, nurses, project managers, accountants, drivers, mums, dads, grandparents, students – the skillset of the TLFP volunteer is diverse. With over 70 volunteers, TLFP is fortunate to rely on people who donate their time to help the organisation run effectively and efficiently.

If you would like to contribute to your local community and a sustainable future for our world, join our growing team of volunteers.

See below for the many different areas of work you could be part of. 

stories from THE FIELD

Gerry videographer

I only started volunteering with TLFP around six months ago. I had read about the fantastic work they do in an article online. I have always been interested in projects that support local communities to tackle social deprivation in a way that empowers all involved. What really impressed me was of ethos of sustainability, and the idea of reducing food waste whilst minimizing environmental impact. My main interest is in documentary photography and filmmaking. I moved to Sarawak in 2011 and had volunteered for a few different charity projects. After moving to KL in 2016 I wanted to continue doing some voluntary work. I am interested in telling stories about the work of committed and passionate people that sometimes go under the radar of the mainstream media. I hope I can play a small part in helping to promote the work of TLFP.



I’ve been working as part of the TLFP team for 18 months. TLFP has given me the opportunity to help others in need, made me aware of worldwide food waste issues & given me the opportunity to try out several volunteer jobs. I’ve lived in Malaysia for 20 years & TLFP has shown me there’s still lots to learn about the place I call home. The TLFP team & our charity partners are an inspiring group of people who ensure my role of Joint Head of Charities is very fulfilling. 


Joint Head of Charities

I am very happy to serve the less fortunate through this wonderful TLFP group. Its all about giving kindly and generously what we receive. My wish for TLFP is to see it grow and be successful and expand to other states. Through this program we are educating the general public to become more conscious of what we are wasting and what we can save. 



I am very grateful to TLFP for giving this opportunity, where I am able to reach out to the less fortunate ones. It is such a joyful, exciting and fulfilling experience to serve, to love, to support, to connect and to have a special bond with fellow members at TLFP. God Bless the works of our hands – Mary Daniels



Namaste! My name is Meera, and I am from India. I have been involved with TLFP for 6 months now, and I primarily support “corporate communications”. TLFP has been doing excellent work, primarily in eradicating hunger. This is one of the gut-wrenching dualities of our world – that we have so much hunger around us, and yet we waste about a third of our food. It is immensely gratifying and personally satisfying to enable another person, another family, to improve the nutrition quotient of their intake and enjoy better food on their tables.  My dream is for TLFP’s mission to be recognised, having a larger footprint in Malaysia & collaborating with other NGOs in this space as a pioneer & leader, and I believe it shall come true sooner than expected. 


Corporate Communications

I joined TLFP because I was impressed by teams dedication and professionalism, and the progress they were making in combating food waste in Malaysia, and feeding the hungry at the same time. 

Beyond dedication, I saw the love volunteers were giving to the helpless and the marginalised in my own city. It was not just a grassroot movement, they were very confident, thinking fast and out of the box, and making connections in high places and not afraid of trying to change policies and bureaucracy so that more progress can be achieved in wiping out hunger, malnutrition, poverty, inequality and food waste of course. And I like that they do it with such style! I started attending some meetings a year ago, met some lovely people and fell into the hole!   With my professional experience as a journalist, food writer and features editor I contribute articles to TLFP’s monthly newspaper column, help write press releases, facilitate video shootings and act as a media liaison. I volunteer because I can, and because fighting food waste and protecting the environment is everyone’s responsibility, no matter who you are. And because being part of a team that knows what it’s doing and where it wants to go is a great feeling. 


Public Relations

I have been with TLFP since late 2016. In that time I have seen the organisation grow at an amazing rate, and deliver more food to more needy people around KL and the Klang Valley. I focus primarily on building external relationships and assisting with fundraising activities. This means getting involved with volunteer initiatives wherever I am needed.

I volunteer with TLFP because I feel strongly that food should not be simply thrown away when there are so many hungry people. TLFP offers a hugely rewarding opportunity to anyone able to take part.



I have been volunteering with TLFP since November 2017.  I was very impressed by the work of Suzanne and the extremely dedicated team of volunteers.  I work in the Marketing & Communications section of the organisation as well as in Product Procurement.  Within Marketing and Comms, we organise talks, events and initiatives for fundraising, as well as raising awareness on the issue of food waste. We use social media to engage with existing and potential volunteers, the public and donors.  


Marketing Communications

I have volunteered with TLFP since April 2016. I had an idea to start something like this on my own as the waste was driving me crazy, but luckily I looked on Facebook and saw that there was already an amazing bunch of people doing exactly that! I am currently the Volunteer Coordinator for TLFP. My passion is reducing waste, reusing, recycling where we can, and saving food to give to those who need it. TLFP is brilliant way for me to give back and fulfil my passion. 


Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteering at TLFP gives me great satisfaction. There I found like minded people whose purpose is to reduce waste and to redirect it to those most in need. The camaraderie is great, which is vital for any charity that depends mainly on volunteers. I am very pleased to be part of the TLFP family.


Joint Head of Charities


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