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Programmes & news

Rescue food. Reduce waste. Eliminate hunger. Educate people. Change behaviour.

Everyone at TLFP is passionate about food and dedicated to reducing food waste in Malaysia. Our feeding programmes and our education programmes are critical to changing hearts and minds in Malaysia towards food loss and food management. 

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Campaigning is a way for us to shout out loud about a cause close to our hearts. Our campaigns bring energy and passion to our mission, showcasing the amazing work happening behind the scenes and encouraging the general public, local business and government bodies to support our work.

Here are some examples of the campaigns we have been running and our plans for the coming year.


TLFP’s education & outreach activities aim to promote understanding and awareness about food waste.

Our activities include education workshops, educating the wider community through campaigns and working with key partners in industry to raise awareness of the important issue of food waste and food management.

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TLFP works with many organisations that are committed to contributing to the wellbeing of nearby communities and tackling climate change.  Consider partnering TLFP with a carbon offset project such as rescuing food, reducing waste and providing health improvement and social benefits to impoverished communities. 




We are a busy charity, working day in day out to rescue food and redistribute it to those in need.  If you want to follow our progress, our News Room is a good place to start. Here you will find stories, press releases, links to our electronic news and our Founder message. If you’ve got a story to share about food waste – we’d love to hear from you. 

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It doesn’t take a big commitment to make a big impact. We have an ever-growing dedicated team of food heroes.


There are many creative ways that you could raise money to help The Lost Food Project continue our important work.


It doesn’t take a big commitment to make a big impact. We have an ever-growing dedicated team of food heroes.