Campaigning is a way for us to shout out loud about a cause close to our hearts. Our campaigns bring energy and passion to our mission, showcasing the amazing work happening behind the scenes and encouraging the general public, local business and government bodies to support our work.

bites points for meals

The Lost Food Project (TLFP) is delighted to announce food partners, The Food Purveyor (TFP), is launching a new initiative to allow customers to donate loyalty points to TLFP, to add to their existing rewards options. Members will be able to easily donate 500 BITES points, an equivalent value of RM5, at a time. With each such donation, TLFP can provide meals for up to 25 people in need. Funds raised through this platform will also be used to support the operational costs of TLFP enabling more food to be channelled to those who are in need.

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20/100 Campaign

The Twenty 100 Challenge is a one-day personal challenge – encouraging understanding, empathy and enhancing teamwork among all faiths and communities. Fast for a day during daylight hours and donate your breakfast & lunch money to The Lost Food Project. All it takes is RM20 for us to provide 100 meals to those in need.

We’re endangered too

Neighbourhood institution, The Social Group, teamed up with Melissa Tan, a zero-waste advocate, TV host and Asia’s Next Top Model contestant, to launch a new and exclusive drinks menu to raise awareness of the global climate crisis.

In support of The Lost Food Project, the list, entitled ‘We’re Endangered Too,’ highlights that climate change not only endangers life in our oceans and in the arctic, but humanity too.

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World Food Day

Every year in October, The Lost Food Project celebrates World Food Day by hosting a one-day challenge to encourage individuals and organisations to respect our food and reduce our personal food waste.

The #MYCleanPlateChallenge encourages participants to finish all the food on their plates and is designed to raise awareness of the 820 million people in the world that suffer from hunger every day.  Corporate organisations, students, teachers and the general public are encouraged to ‘Clean their Plate’ and donate 20RM to fill the plates of 100 people in need.

Super Brand Day

The Lost Food Project partnered with global manufacturer Unilever and online retailer Lazada Malaysia for their Super Brand Day sale in both 2018 and 2019.

As part of World Food Day celebrations, Unilever raised enough from their online sales on Lazada Malaysia in one-day to provide over 200,000 meals to people in need. 



It doesn’t take a big commitment to make a big impact. We have an ever-growing dedicated team of food heroes.


There are many creative ways that you could raise money to help The Lost Food Project continue our important work.


It doesn’t take a big commitment to make a big impact. We have an ever-growing dedicated team of food heroes.