MY Clean Plate

World Food Day

Join the challenge to reduce food waste on World Food Day.

About the challenge

Every year in October, The Lost Food Project celebrates World Food Day by hosting a one-day challenge to encourage individuals and organisations to respect our food and reduce our personal food waste.

The #MYCleanPlateChallenge encourages participants to finish all the food on their plates and is designed to raise awareness of the 820 million people in the world that suffer from hunger every day.

Corporate organisations, students, teachers and the general public are encouraged to ‘Clean their Plate’ and donate 20RM to fill the plates of 100 people in need.

Corporate organisations

The number of hungry people in the world is growing – now reaching one in every nine people. This means that over 820 million people suffer from hunger every day and over 150 million children are stunted. Food waste is a significant burden on the environment. In Malaysia, we are throwing 3000 tons of perfectly good food in the bin every day. This is the equivalent of 10 million meals!

We are calling on business leaders to take part in our annual #MYCleanPlate Challenge.

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CSR initiative in the office

School & Universities

The Lost Food Project is calling on schools and universities to use World Food Day as an opportunity to promote #zerohunger and to raise awareness of how food waste damages the environment. 

If your school or university would like to partner TLFP in one of our campaigns please email us at