Our programmes include rescuing quality surplus food from several supermarket chains and multinational food manufacturers, which would otherwise go to landfill, and redistributing this food to Malaysians living in low cost housing within the PPR (People’s Housing Project), as well as over 78 vetted charities. 

Rescuing and distributing surplus food means our charities and PPR residents can redirect their limited resources to pay for other essentials like healthcare and education. Through our programmes we hope to make an enormous difference in Malaysia both in terms of eliminating hunger and helping to protect our environment.

If this sounds like something your organisation could benefit from please get in touch via to check your eligibility.

People’s Housing Project Feeding Program (PPR)

The PPR* Food Programmes established by The Lost Food Project, are important schemes as we reach some of the city’s most vulnerable inhabitants, the urban poor, who are often overlooked by other outreach programmes.  *(Projek Perumahan Rakyat – PPR) 

The Lost Food Project have two weekly PPR Food programmes, one in Gombak and one in Lembah Pantai, consistently providing tonnes of nutritious food to thousands of recipients.

Come rain or shine, the TLFP volunteers work tirelessly to rally stallholders at the Selayang wholesale market and supermarkets such as Giant, Jasons, Village Grocer and BIG to secure surplus food and products for the +55 charities and thousands of families in the two PPR Food Programmes.
Every tonne of food rescued means a tonne less of food waste going to the municipal landfill while feeding those most in need.

To find out more about the PPR Feeding Programme please get in touch