our general manager


Mohd Syazwan began work with The Lost Food Project (TLFP) in November 2019, and was heavily involved in steering the NGO through the storm of COVID-19. He is responsible for heading new initiatives to keep the organisation operating sustainably and procuring new partnerships in order to realise and expand the mission of feeding the hungry, not the landfill.

Prior to TLFP, Syazwan was the policy advisor alongside the Selangor State Exco for Education, Human Capital Development, Science, Technology and Innovation. He was involved in several new policies and programmes that were introduced by the Selangor government, including higher education scholarships, Selangor Brain Bank (scholarships for PhDs), STEM Selangor and INSAN Program for human capital development.

He was also involved in the total branding and communications exercise for Smart Selangor, the state’s premier social and economic strategy for using digital infrastructure to ensure a sustainable development for its citizens. 

Syazwan brings to TLFP a vast experience in corporate communications, having worked in different sectors including arbitration, automotive, sports and government, as well as compassion and understanding that comes from his previous work with a humanitarian NGO.