Scope of Warehouse Logistics Assistant

The ideal candidate should be able to perform the following 

  • Reports to the Logistics and Warehouse Manager.
  • Assist the manager in the day-to-day warehouse operations.
  • Assist the manager and the drivers on logistics coordination.
  • Perform stock take, stock monitoring and data inputting.
  • Oversee the receiving and dispatching of all goods.
  • Track inventory of all supplies and maintain records of the condition of the goods including expiration dates, damage to product, tallying of record with delivery notes, etc.
  • Follow proper documentation and safety procedures of all warehouse functions;
  • Assist the Manager in supervising and overseeing the organising, stacking and storage of goods.
  • Ensure proper maintenance of warehouse equipments and facilities.
  • Assist the coordination with transporters and delivery partners for the collection and distribution of goods;
  • Perform all duties assigned by the Warehouse and Logistics Manager.