AmBank Malaysia’s Remarkable CSR Program at TLFP Central during Ramadan

Despite the scorching heat of Ramadan on the 13th of April, 50 talented individuals from Ambank Malaysia volunteered for a full-day CSR program at TLFP Central. Their dedication and hard work in sorting, packing, and cleaning surplus fresh produce donations were truly remarkable. These amazing volunteers, joined by TLFP’s regular volunteers Carmell, Nameks, and Marie, demonstrated the extraordinary impact achievable through volunteering during Ramadan.


The CSR program continued impressively with a composting workshop by Ground Control. Volunteers efficiently cleaned the warehouse and organized the dried goods inventory, completing the task in less than an hour. They received garden soil from Ground Control, promoting gardening and sustainability—a joint initiative by TLFP and Ground Control.


If you’d like to engage in meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives with The Lost Food Project, contact Nadhirah at 012-3362103 or

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