Ceva & local farmers donate 100,000 eggs to communities impacted by Covid-19

The Lost Food Project together with Ceva Animal Health Malaysia and local poultry farmers – CP Malaysia, Heap Soon Farming Sdn Bhd, Liang Kee Farming Sdn Bhd, Teo Seng Capital Berhad and Zenxin Agriculture Sdn Bhd – contribute 100,000 eggs to at least 56 charities and 7,500 B40 communities at high risk of hunger, malnutrition and food insecurity.

The donation of eggs will go directly to B40 communities and charity homes across the Klang Valley, including Grace Food Bank, Pertubuhan Komuniti Kasih Selangor, Lighthouse Children Welfare Home, Yayasan Chow Kit and IDEAS, among others.

“We’re so pleased to see our local poultry farmers pull together to not only help communities

struggling with food insecurity but also to tackle food waste amid the slump in egg demands which has hurt the industry due to lockdowns and border closures,” said Mohd Syazwan, General Manager of TLFP. “We’re extremely grateful for this generous donation of nutritious eggs which will keep over 17,000 beneficiaries nourished during this turbulent time.”

The local poultry industry saw record sales with a surge in demand from panic buying during the initial weeks of the movement control order (MCO). However, the industry was upended when Singapore went into a “circuit breaker” in April 2020. The number of eggs distributed from the poultry farms into the Republic have plunged or completely ground to a halt.

With foot traffic and sales at record lows, the food service players have been forced to dispose of ingredients as they expire and are buying less from their suppliers. As a result, poultry farmers and suppliers who sold their products to restaurants and hotels have suddenly found themselves grappling with excess supplies that have few takers and end up discarding thousands of eggs.

“Eggs are a staple of a healthy and balanced diet, and especially important in times of crisis, where budgets and purchasing power are declining. We want to remind people about this fundamental source of protein and extend the access to as many people in our community, and at the same time, help our local poultry industry,” said Senior Vice President of CP Malaysia, Dr Sakda Aunsiam.

In order to preserve the livelihoods of farmers confronting COVID-19, Malaysians are encouraged to consume more eggs as an affordable source of protein. Packed with plenty of vitamins and minerals for only 70 calories per egg, they contain antioxidants that help prevent vision loss, as well as choline, an essential nutrient that contributes to foetal brain development and adult brain function.

“It is now more important than ever to band together as a company or individual to successfully emerge on the other side of this pandemic. We’re pleased to work hand in hand with TLFP, Ceva Animal Health Malaysia and other local poultry farmers to ensure vulnerable groups are getting adequate nutrition and are not left behind during these challenging times,” said Executive Director of Heap Soon Farming Sdn Bhd, Mr Ong Soon Ping.


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