Ikano Insight’s Extraordinary Generosity Fuels TLFP’s Mission to Feed the Hungry, Not the Landfill

We are thrilled to express our heartfelt appreciation to Ikano Insight for their incredible generosity and unwavering support! Their remarkable donation of GBP21,500 to TLFP (MYR 121,401.90) is a beacon of hope for our mission in feeding the hungry, not the landfill. 


With Ikano Insight’s gracious contribution, we can take significant strides in our efforts to combat food waste, alleviate hunger, and make a positive impact on the lives of countless individuals in need. 


This generous contribution will enable us to rescue, redistribute, and repurpose substantial quantities of surplus food, turning them into nourishing meals for those facing food insecurity. 


Ikano Insight’s commitment to social responsibility and their dedication to creating a more sustainable and equitable future resonate deeply with our values. Their partnership empowers us to amplify our reach and extend our services to more communities, ensuring that no person goes to bed hungry while edible food is discarded. 


Thank you, Ikano Insight, for standing alongside us in our mission. Your invaluable contribution will continue to nourish lives and inspire others to join the movement of feeding the hungry, not the landfill.

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