TLFP among the 10 initiatives helping those affected by Covid-19

The shortage of medical supplies — such as surgical masks, hand sanitiers, disinfectants and protective gear — as well as food in supermarkets have taken a toll on the underprivileged and Ministry of Health (MOH) staff nationwide. Many communities that rely on social enterprises and NGOs for aid, especially the homeless and marginalised, have been rendered helpless. As a result, a number of initiatives and organisations have stepped up to support those affected.

However, during these uncertain times, many organisations themselves will face financial disruptions due to postponed or cancelled fundraising events. This may lead to loss of funding that community-based organisations depend on. So lend a hand to them by donating what you can, be it food or even monetary aid. Here are ten to get you started. 

Here are 10 initiatives to help those affected by Covid-19 and Malaysia’s MCO. You can make donations to these NGOs and social enterprises to help with their crisis relief efforts.

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